Grade Stage Four of the National Finals

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The stage consists of one iconic obstacle. But is it awesome?

We feel like this one might be a doozy. Let’s grade Stage Four of the National Finals.

You probably know what’s going on here, but we’ll explain anyway. We’re going through the stages of the National Finals and using reader polls to give them a letter grade. Readers grade each obstacle on the course, and then we calculate an overall score for the stage.

It’s time to start the voting for Stage Four. This is a pretty simple one for us to set up because Stage Four consists of only one obstacle. It’s a 75-foot rope climb with the buzzer at the top. Ninjas have 30 seconds to get there.

During season 13, we say the young Kaden Lebsack advance to Stage Four, but gas out on the rope. That left him with the $100K Last Ninja Standing prize, instead of the $1 million American Ninja Warrior Champion Prize.

Stage Four always holds a bit of controversy. What happens when more than one Ninja hits the buzzer? (Historically, only the faster Ninja gets any cash.) Is it fair for a Ninja to make it to Stage Four and still only get $100K? The conversations abound.

We are very interested in getting people’s thoughts on the fact that the obstacle is just that one rope climb. It’s iconic, but is it awesome? What about the time limit? Let’s find out.

Grade the Stage Four rope climb!

Grade the 30 second time limit.

Can you tell us more about your grade? What went into your decision? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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