Grade Stage One of the National Finals

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We’re going out of order, but we think it’s worth it!

Let’s Grade Stage One of the American Ninja Warrior season 13 National Finals.

(Okay, we apologize for going out of order here, but we think it’s worth it.)

It all started when we asked a question on Instagram. We asked our followers which obstacle they would remove from Stage One if they could. The feedback pointed to the Dipping Birds. We enjoyed the dialogue so much that we started on our “grade the courses” journey. Stage two earned a B+.

We are working on Stage Three’s grade at the moment, but Stage One never really got that chance. So we’re circling back to calculate Stage One’s score.

68 Ninjas advanced to the season 13 National Finals to take on Stage One. 27 survived the nine obstacles and the clock. Stage One’s obstacles force the Ninjas to make bold moves and move quickly to reach the buzzer.

So what did you think of each individual obstacle?

Slide Surfer

Swinging Blades

Double Dipper

Jumping Spider

Tire Run

Warped Wall

Dipping Birds

The High Road

Fly Hooks

Time limit: 2:45

If the polls did not load for you, feel free to leave your votes in the comments below!

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