Look back at season 11: Stage One of the National Finals

David Becker/NBC

Stage One delivered the damage we’ve come to expect from it.

With the Power Tower and the qualifying regions behind us, American Ninja Warrior charged ahead to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Stage One delivered exactly what we’ve come to expect from it. There were surprise falls, like Jessie Graff and Kevin Bull. But we didn’t expect to see the Safety Pass in play from two big names: Flip Rodriguez and Drew Drechsel.

Overall, 28 Ninjas cleared Stage One over the course of two episodes. That set us up for a historic Stage Two. Before we get there, take a look at back at the action of Stage One!

Night one of Stage One

Night one recap

Podcast guest: Adam Sheldon – Challenge Producer

Full episode from NBC.Com

Night two of Stage One

Night two recap

Podcast guest: Jessie Graff

Full episode from NBC.Com

Full results of Stage One

The course:

Archer Alley

 David Becker/NBC

Spin Your Wheels

 David Becker/NBC

Double Dipper

 David Becker/NBC

Jumping Spider

 David Becker/NBC

Tire Run

 David Becker/NBC

Warped Wall

Diving Boards

 David Becker/NBC

Twist and Fly

 David Becker/NBC


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