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Success Guide to American Ninja Warrior Training

American Ninja Warrior Training is collectively becoming known is bigger competition that is a spin-off of the Japanese television series. It features hundreds of competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty in various cities across the United States.

If YOU would like a chance to experience the sensation of bungling your way through American Ninja Warrior Training fabled torture devices. Here are some tips for how to do it right way:

1. Believe in yourself.
2. Climb
3. Do Drugs
4. Build yourself strong

If you are new to American Ninja Warrior Training, this may be your first time hearing the word lache. The term does sound a little fancy but it is actually a pretty simple concept. A lache is when you use your body as momentum to swing and release off of an object. In ninja warrior, the object can be a bar, grip, net, etc. When laching, you grab onto the object with your hands, kick your legs out, swing your body and release.

While laching may not sound or seem that challenging, there are some elements to the movement that makes it a technical move. In fact, you will see many failed obstacle challenges on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior from an improper lache. If you are well trained and skilled with the lache, it can benefit your run and put an edge over your competitors. In this tutorial, we will explain step-by-step on how to lache. Soon enough, your transitions on the course will be easier, smoother and faster than ever! PLEASE NOTE: For safety, we recommend to begin practicing the lache on a simple object, such as a straight bar.

Having your arms bent and point out will prevent you from getting any rhythm in the swing. For your body to get a good swing, it needs to be relaxed. When you bend your arms, the body and muscles will tense up. When learning how to lache and get the swing going, treat your body as a pendulum. As we explain further along this process, you will see the ultimate goal is to keep the body as straight as possible. You can bend your arms ever so slightly, but that is it!

In ninja warrior, there is always going to be some sort of challenge with distance. To be able to transition our bodies ten or more feet from one object to another a swing is essential. The two biggest mistakes people make in the swing portion of the lache is bending the arms and having the legs apart.

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