American ninja warrior TV show

Our Approach

How to get on the Show

Complete the online application process at  At the end of the multi-page questionnaire you must submit a video with a good story and get lucky.

Our Story

Your Story

Tell a good TV worthy story about your life. Have energy and enthusiasm! Include proof that you can complete the hard obstacles with examples of similar.

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How to make your video STAND OUT

Start with a good dose of energy, add good lighting and excellent sound, and fill in with your story. Explain how awesome you are, all the great things you do in life to better your Ninja Training, and to better the people around you.

This is a TV show, so think of your story in the eyes of a show producer. What do you have to offer that would make a story the whole family wants to watch? How do you stand out in a crowd? If you don't, try something on and see how it feels. Use this video submission process to try something new in life to stand out. Or just be your awesome self and explain in words and videos what makes you show worthy.

Casting Director Angelou Deign gives great advice in a long interview found here:

American Ninja Warrior History

Adopted from a Japanese game show, American ninja warrior has come a long way to become what it is today. Initially known as American Ninja Challenge, it was a video submission series where contestants would submit the video by themselves.

Started out on G4Tv channel which was a network with the company’s local group, it did successfully broadcast the first three seasons and since then it became one of the most popular shows.

In season 4, the American Ninja Warrior TV show was aired in both G4tv and NBC and this is the point of time where the format of the show started to change drastically to become the present one. Previously, the contestants fought in city finals to compete in the Japanese version called sasuke.

Initially, the American Ninja Warrior TV show was shot in the day time but gradually as the format has been changed, the show also went from day time to night time. From season 5, when formats changed, the taping of the show started at around 8 pm and contestants would run their obstacles up till 3 am in the morning.

Another factor that is worth mentioning about American Ninja Warrior is that, regardless of the weather, show does go on. The show is considered to stop only when the weather makes it less safe for the contestants to run through the obstacles.

Celebrities also have appeared in the American Ninja Warrior TV show quite a few times including stars such as Stephen Amell, Derek Hough, Natalie Morales which makes the show more and more memorable.

2018 City Qualifier Calendar

Los Angeles, CA: will be held at universal studios back lot from March 6-7

Dallas, Texas: Fair Park, March 25-26

Miami, Florida: Bayfront Park, April 13-14

Indianapolis, Indiana: Monument Circle, April 29-30

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Richmond Power Plant, May 11-12

Minneapolis, Minnesota: US Bank Stadium, May 25-26

Las Vegas, NV: June 18th – 24th

Each of these cities will host qualifying round and final rounds. The competitors have to go through these qualification and city final round in order to be eligible for national finals. From the qualifying rounds, only the best ninja will pass though and will have the opportunity to compete with the other best ninjas coming from the other city finals.

Most of the locations previously held American ninja warrior city qualifying and city final rounds. But the new kid on the corner is Minneapolis which will be newest addition to the ninja warrior game this season.